July, 2009

My dad’s bycicle

My dad’s bicycle is the coolest in town.
My dad is good at making steel shapes and combining scrap pieces.
He makes really beautiful statues and objects for our friends when they get married.
Once he got given an old bicycle from this people in the big white house.
My dad did a good job for them.
The bicycle was not very nice but my dad worked on it and put a little fish on the side
and then a little hawaian girl he had found on the tarmac.
He says the hawaian girl was too precious to be forgotten on the side on of the road, so he has put it on the front of his bicycle so she can see the world we live in.

July, 2009


I have no money and I am cold.
I want things, nice things.
Colorful beautiful things.
I don’t want to be rich but I want the things.
My house is not made of bricks. The two sides are made of steel sheets.
My mom painted a big six in blue, as our house is the 6th house of our street.
The other sides are made of cardboard and other things I do not know what they are.
The roof is cool, it is a transparent piece of thick plastic, and we can see the stars at night, and we don’t need lights during the day. We are lucky to have this.
My mom uses all sorts of different things to make things we need.
My mom makes really beautiful things.
My mom is the best.