April, 2012

Sant Jordi! A red rose for you! made of plastic bags…of course!

Red rose made of plastic bags REcycle!Today is Sant Jordi in Barcelona. It is one of the marked days in our calendar and we celebrate it BIG. Every catalan person in the world today is celebrating it one way or another.

Basically the tradition today is to give your loved one either a book or a rose. If you’re a girl you get the rose and if you’re a guy you get the book! The book is to commemorate “literature day” since both Cervantes and Shakespeare died on the 23d april 1616 (Yes both the same day of the same year. Freaky). The Rose represents the blood shed by the Dragon that Saint George allegedly killed (Saint George = Sant Jordi). Also Sant Jordi is the patron saint of the city of Barcelona.

For many years I have been away and not been able to see Barcelona today….The streets are covered by little stalls selling red roses or books, writers do sit down in prominent areas to sign a copy of their books and EVERYONE is outside walking, meandering,  choosing books here, buying roses there, kissing, laughing and enjoying the day. So in a while I’ll be off to mingle in all that!

But before I wanted to share this ROSE I made with plastic bags….of course! with all of you. Have an AWESOME Sant Jordi! Especially dedicated to all of those Barcelona people who live abroad and wish they were here today!

April, 2012

Something new… for me!

I have started a new project… still unfinished but so thrilled of how it is looking so far! I will be sharing it soon… but at the moment here’s some of the elements I have used:

a new projectpink and goldplastic butterfly