May, 2012

A By Esme workshop

by esme workshop at Garbi

by esme workshop at Garbi

Last week I had the pleasure of introducing some simple repurposing principles and techniques to the high school students at GARBI in Barcelona. These guys now have to choose their path in life so the workshop was actually meant to find the leader, the thinker, the doer, the artist,  the whatever… in every group. The idea was that those roles would spur naturally within the groups.

The day started with a very inspiring talk by Guillem Diaz (in my opinion “the catalan Ken Robinson”) about making of your passion your career. Then a little story about repurposing and without further ado they were thrown into making an object out of all of these items that are normally called “rubbish” (old cans, hard plastic bottles, old t-shirts, old magazines…etc whatever they had brought)

The next hour was spent in the designing and the making of an object. I was going from table to table answering questions and maybe advising of a simpler way of making things but mostly just overseeing what was going on since I didn’t want to influence their ideas. Guillem and Diana were taking care of the group organizing and seeing how the groups had naturally taken shape.

It was obvious which groups were doing well and which weren’t doing so well. Some groups were just a compound of individuals and some others were a team working together, and it seemed to me that there was one group that was genuinely having fun! Needless to say that the object that came out of that group was the coolest!!

Many groups achieved very good objects and I think most of them must have gone home a bit inspired by the workshop. There were a lot of questions afterwards and personally I felt great I had done my little bit for these young people who have right in front of them that BIG question about life… WHAT IS IT THAT I WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE

If you want to see the video here’s the link:

the sound is not good at all and the camera gets dropped right in the middle but is still interesting to see the outcome at the end.

and that is that.

May, 2012

And there was light!

I finally finished it! and once is ON is just so Spectacular!

It took quite a while but it was so worth it! It is made of all hard plastic bottles I could get my hands on… bleach, shampoos, fabric softeners, milk, etc…

It lits now the space of my first exhibition here in Spain.  So if you find yourself near Granollers (Barcelona) make your way to the “espai Tranquil” in Barbany, info below:

by esme exhibition at barbany