About me

Others call it TRASH. I call it FUN stuff.
Others see packaging and disposables, I see cool colours and soft materials.
Others throw it away, I start making bags with it….
I put together stuff and it looks good, it looks fun, I like it, and the best part is I have FUN doing it.

I have now employed a few people from the Botha´s Hill settlement in Kwazulu natal, South Africa. They help me with the crafty bits and the sewing. They also have FUN. I employ Mamsie, Lihle, Jabulo, Gracie, Sne and Precious.

If you buy one of our bags you’ll be receiving our happiness impregnated all over it…as every bag is unique, it has been thought and designed and exclusively put together with all of our love and dedication.
Every item we make is a 100% exclusive product.

We put together an arrangement of plastic bags over the coolest printed fabrics. We do it because we like it but it just so happens that we are helping the planet big time by giving new life to all these disposable materials which would just go to our landfields otherwise.

We also have a range of FABRIC! Bags

To know more about me as a designer click here.